A weekly electronics podcast where EEs, Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering and hardware with guests.



Our Spider-sense is tingling... OH that is actually a man-made zombie spider crawling up my leg. Who thought that would be a good idea? WHO!?!


Project: Snackey gets released to the world! Or is it more of it was released upon the world? You choose!


Custom designed instrumentation tools? Stephen and Parker dive into differential oscilloscope probe designs on this week's episode of the MEP!


This week Stephen learns the dangers of the modern software developers world! What do you do when updates break your process?


How important is documentation for your project? Many people view it as an afterthought but it should be just as or more important then your design!


Part shortages and obsolescence got you down? Parker and Stephen have some tips and tricks to help your design stay ahead of the End Of Life game!