MacroFab has thousands of customers constantly prototyping and launching new products at mid-high volumes. When these customers move to production, we match their project’s requirements with factory capabilities. You gain low friction manufacturing jobs, allowing you to fully use your factory capacity and eliminate idle time. As a MacroFab partner, you get:

  • Ready-to-run kits
  • The jobs you want, when you want
  • Prompt payment



Customers served


Factories currently in our network


Customer satisfaction score


Improved supply chain

MacroFab will send you perfect kits, so you can get started quickly.

No downtime

Fill your available capacity to maximize utilization of equipment and staff. 

Prototype headaches?

Focus on your high volume customers and let MacroFab build your prototypes.

High volume at your fingertips

We will send you customers that consistently produce high volume orders so you can stay busy without the onboarding hassle.

Low friction platform

MacroFab’s Digital Manufacturing Platform allows you to select from hundreds of jobs that match your capabilities.

Stay productive

An idle line costs money. MacroFab’s jobs let you fill the gaps in your schedule so you can optimize your earnings.

Earn cash easier

MacroFab has jobs ready for you right now. Select the job that best matches your capabilities and get paid quickly. We send the work to you, ready-to-run.

Over 2,000 Businesses & Innovators Use MacroFab

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