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Solve My Supply Chain Problems

Keep your projects on track with strategic sourcing and scalable North American manufacturing. Our easy-to-use cloud platform and industry experts will alleviate your supply chain concerns and let you get back to business.

Just a few of the companies easing their supply chain anxiety with MacroFab

BHP Billiton
Flow Robotics


Keeping production on schedule is hard work. But using unvetted alternative suppliers can be dangerous. Counterfeit parts jeopardize your product reliability and your reputation. They can even put production further behind as you work to correct the situation. Don't risk your good customer relationships on luck. Take control of your sourcing challenges with MacroFab.

Have your hard-to-find components located for you


Get suggestions for alternative parts for faster delivery


All sourced parts tested for reliability and compatibility


Reduce costs with real-time component market pricing

low cost

Gain visibility into parts availability and lead times instantly

Manage inventory and never lose track of stock levels


Access to a network of 70+ North American factories

North America

Real time inventory tracking and production scheduling

track inventory

Complete product packaging & fulfillment options

package fullfillment

Scale production up or down anytime without penalty

scale production

Shorten delivery timelines and ship straight to customers

fast delivery

Instantly match product requirements to the right factory

instant match


Today's EMS market is changing daily, and you're ready for every possibility. Your contract manufacturer should pivot with you, regardless of whether production skyrockets or doesn't meet forecasted demand.

MacroFab's North American factory network puts scalability at your fingertips, giving you the power to align production with your needs, with no penalties or limitations.

Easy-to-use platform that won't disrupt existing schedules

easy to use platform

Keep track of inventory, availability, and scheduling

track inventory

Conveniently manage returns and RMAs

manage returns

Responsive support teams for faster issue resolution

responsive support

Build closer to customers and shorten shipping times

short shipping times


Supply chain resiliency requires in-place manufacturing partners and enough capacity to build your product portfolio. MacroFab helps you build all the right relationships now to deal with today's challenges and prepare for the unexpected problems around the corner, while keeping everything you need in one place.


supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Place your order and let MacroFab handle the rest. Our logistics team will source all of your components and can help find alternatives for out-of-stock or EOL parts.

supply chain communication

Transparent Communication

Check in on your project's status at any time through our platform or your assigned account manager.

supply chain electronics manufacturing

Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing

Receive globally competitive pricing and fast, accurate production quotes. Rapidly scale up or down.

supply chain macrofab guarantee

MacroFab Guarantee

Our one-year warranty on workmanship guarantees that your PCB assembly will be held to the highest standards.

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