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    Drag & drop your gerber or native EDA files directly into our platform. Our system is compatible with popular EDA formats, including Eagle, KiCad, Diptrace, Altium, and more!

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  • pcb-supply-chain-management


    Our software identifies all your needed parts and materials directly from your BOM. We then pull real-time prices directly from our wholesale partners, passing down the savings to you.

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  • electronics manufacturing


    Preview the placement of parts on your board and confirm with just a click! Prevent unwanted surprises and lost time by knowing exactly how we will assemble your board.

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  • pcb quote


    See the instant price for turnkey assembly service. We handle parts ordering, logistics, assembly, and testing. Sit back, order, and we’ll get started on your order right away.

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  • macrofab demo


    Receive professionally assembled PCBs at a fraction of the price in as little as 2 weeks! Open, enjoy, and share your work with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • macrofab-demo


    Now that you’ve seen what our platform is capable of, give it a go! We have test PCBs loaded so you can play as much as you like before uploading your own designs. No login necessary.

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Our online platform simplifies the PCB manufacturing process at every stage, from prototyping to production.